TenNor Therapeutics possesses a strong R&D portfolio through the acquisition of assets from Cumbre and patents from the TB Alliance. Major development candidates include three dual-action molecules with distinct mechanisms of action:

  • TNP-2092

  • TNP-2198

  • TNP-2500

These dual-action molecules are active against bacterial strains that are resistant to current antibiotics. They have a low propensity for resistance development. and the potential to revolutionize the treatment of digestive diseases associated with bacterial infections.
Target indications include:

  • H. pylori infection

  • C. difficile infection

  • Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

  • Crohn’s disease

TenNor's drug development engine is further fueled by a unique dual-action molecule R&D platform. The company possesses a novel library of isogenic bacterial strains with resistant mutations on key drug targets. This strain collection is being utilized to rapidly screen and advance dual-action drug candidates.