Global Antibiotic Pipeline

time:2014年06月30日    source:admin

Chemical & Engineering News, a weekly publication of American Chemical Association (ACS) published an article titled A BACTERIAL BATTLE on June 14, 2014. “Bacteria are outsmarting us,” the author stated. “Every day they grow better at evading the drugs we deploy against them, and new molecular weapons are getting harder to find. The gap between our arsenal and bacteria’s ability to resist it is now so wide that the World Health Organization issued a report earlier this year warning that we could soon find ourselves in a post-antibiotic era.”

“It sounds apocalyptic, but infectious disease specialists and drug developers have been sounding the alarm on antibiotic resistance for years. Already, doctors are helpless against infections such as drug-resistant gonorrhea. Medical professionals are trying to prevent infections and use the remaining effective antibiotics more wisely, but new treatments are needed to replace the drugs that bacterial resistance has rendered useless. Few new antibiotic drugs have been approved in the past decade, and experts say not enough new ones are being developed to counter resistance. From 2000 to 2014, just nine new antibiotics gained Food & Drug Administration approval; by comparison, 20 were approved from 1990 to 1999, and 43 were launched in the decade before that. “We know that the current pipeline is not sufficient,” says Helen Boucher , an infectious diseases specialist at Tufts University School of Medicine. “We need more antibiotics for gram-negative bacteria, and we also need better choices for some of our patients for gram-positive infections.”

The article provides a summary of new antibiotics that are in clinical development. “The Regulatory path to approving new antibiotics has been cleared, but work still remains to rebuild a"HEATHY DRUG PIPELINE”.

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