TenNor starts phase II clinical trial in USA with the novel antibiotic candidate

time:2018年08月02日    source:admin

TenNor held a kick-off meeting for the phase II clinical trial of TNP-2092 IV in San Francisco on Aug. 2, 2018. This product has been developed to solve the challenges of bacterial biofilm infections associated with implantable medical devices in clinic. The phase II trial will further evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the drug candidate.

TNP-2092 is a multi-targeting New Molecular Entity specifically designed for the treatment of infections associated with bacterial biofilms and significantly differentiated from the current treatments. The compound exhibited potent activity against the major pathogens for the infections on implanted medical devices, including those that are resistant to the market antibiotics, and showed low propensity for the development of drug resistance. The compound also demonstrated excellent activity in multiple in vitro and in vivo biofilm models. ‘This project is an important part of our overall clinical plan based on the full communications with the FDA’, said Xiaomei Wang, VP of Clinical Operation in TenNor, ‘Successful development of TNP-2092 is expected to address unmet clinical needs in the field of anti-infections and has application prospect in the treatment of various medical device-associated infections.’