TenNor Releases TNP-2092 Information during ASM Microbe 2016 Conference

time:2016年06月27日    source:admin

TenNor Therapeutics team attended ASM Microbe 2016 Conference held in Boston USA and presented TNP-2092 for Helicobacter pylori infection (HPI) program in public the first time.

TenNor submitted a series of 7 poster abstracts around dual-acting molecule TNP-2092 for HPI program and all were accepted for presentation at the conference. TenNor was also selected by the ASM Program Committee to present TNP-2092 program in a “New Antimicrobial Agents” session. On behalf of TenNor Therapeutics, Dr. Zhenkun Ma, Founder and CEO, provided an overview of the TNP-2092 HPI program to a general audience.

TenNor’s collaborators William Weiss, Mark Pulse (both from UNT Health Science Center) and Gregory Robertson (Colorado State University), together with TenNor’s team members Xiaomei Wang and Xiangyi Xu participated in the poster presentations.

Link to TenNor posters:TenNor Poster Book - ASM Microbe 2016 (2016-06-20, Boston).pdf