TenNor Therapeutics Received Government Grant to Support Development of Dual-Action Molecules for the Treatment of MDR/XDR-TB

time:2016年02月02日    source:admin

TenNor Therapeutics has received a new drug innovation grant under the 12th five-year plan to support the development of dual-action molecules for the treatment of MDR/XDR-TB. As part of a consortium of academic and industry partnership led by Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, TenNor will utilize its proprietary dual-action molecular technology to advance a novel series of dual-action compounds for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. The TenNor team led by Founder and CEO Dr. Zhenkun Ma attended the project kick-off meeting in Beijing on January 25, 2016. Dr. Ma was appointed as a member of the Project Scientific Advisory Committee and gave a talk on New TB Drug Development Strategy and Pipeline. On behalf of TenNor Therapeutics, Dr. David Wan provided a project update during the meeting.